KU-Band, 21.5° E

Eutelsat 21B

The Eutelsat 21B satellite is covering most parts of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Especially the most requested countries like Iraq and Afghanistan have a very good signal quality for higher modulations. Eutelsat 21B is our most flexible satellite.


Operator: EUTELSAT
Launch date: 01/11/2012
Launch mass (kg): 5012
Manufacturer: Thales Alenia Space

Required BUCs

NJRT5037F 3W, NJRT5097F 3W, NJT5025F 4W, NJT5017F 4W, NJT5117 4W, NJT5207F 4W
Transmit frequency range: 14.0 GHz – 14.25 GHz

Required Modems

Newtec Elevation Series (EL470)
iDirect Evolution X1
iDirect Evolution X3
iDirect Evolution X5
iDirect Evolution X7

Required LNBs

NJR2837H, NJR2837S, NJR2836S, NJR2537S, NJR2537H
Receive frequency range: 10.7 GHz – 11.7 GHz

Required Software Version

Evolution > IDX3.x

Required Dish-Size

> 1.2m