C-Band, 20° E

Arabsat 5C

The Arabsat 5C satellite is covering all parts of Africa, south Europe, the Middle East as well as Afghanistan and Pakistan. It has a powerfull beam over Africa especially the southern part of it, and a very good beam over Afghanistan and the Middle East. We currently run two different networks on Arabsat 5C. One iDirect Evolution network, and one Newtec network for higher capacity links.


Operator: ARABSAT
Launch date: 09/11
Launch mass (kg): 4700
Manufacturer: Astrium

Required BUCs

NJT 5669F, NJT5656F
Transmit frequency range: 5.85 GHz – 6.425 GHz

Required Modems

Newtec Elevation Series (EL470)
iDirect Evolution X1
iDirect Evolution X3
iDirect Evolution X5
iDirect Evolution X7

Required LNBs

Receive frequency range: 3.625 GHz – 4.20 GHz

Required Software Version

Evolution > IDX3.x

Required Dish-Size

> 1.8m Andrew ASC 243 Antenna, Andrew ASC 183 Antenna